Diagnosing driver installation problems

The MongoDB driver is not installing correctly Most of the problems are with the native BSON parser and there can be a multitude of reasons why it’s not installing correctly and the driver is falling back to the js implementation of the serializer. This post will hopefully help you track down what the problem is on your system. We will start looking at it from a checklist point of view. Build Essentials Linux/Unix If you don’t have the build essentials it won’t build.

A Basic introduction to Mongo DB

A Basic introduction to Mongo DB Mongo DB has rapidly grown to become a popular database for web applications and is a perfect fit for Node.JS applications, letting you write Javascript for the client, backend and database layer. Its schemaless nature is a better match to our constantly evolving data structures in web applications, and the integrated support for location queries is a bonus that’s hard to ignore. Throw in Replica Sets for scaling, and we’re looking at really nice platform to grow your storage needs now and in the future.