Lessons from 4 years of driver develoment

I gave the presentation “Lessons from 4 years of driver develoment“ at JSConf EU 2013 in Berlin. The presentation is a summary of my four years of experience writing a successful open source project and all the good and bad experiences I’ve had over the last years in relation to this. Lessons from 4 years of driver develoment The video is also available Lessons from 4 years of driver develoment

MongoDB Native: The Official Node.js MongoDB driver

The Node.js MongoDB driver was started in 2009 and has grown to become one of the most popular database drivers for the Node.js Platform. MongoDB is a document database that allows the storage of documents in json format. It’s main benefits come from it’s ability to store unstructured data while maintaining traditional databases ability to query and index the document efficiently. MongoDb also provides a whole scaling up path. A whole ecosystem has sprung out on top of the driver including ODM mappers such as Mongoose and whole frameworks such as Meteor (a fantastic real time framework).