A Basic introduction to Mongo DB

A Basic introduction to Mongo DB Mongo DB has rapidly grown to become a popular database for web applications and is a perfect fit for Node.JS applications, letting you write Javascript for the client, backend and database layer. Its schemaless nature is a better match to our constantly evolving data structures in web applications, and the integrated support for location queries is a bonus that’s hard to ignore. Throw in Replica Sets for scaling, and we’re looking at really nice platform to grow your storage needs now and in the future.

The wonderful world of GEO spatial indexes in MongoDB

The wonderful world of GEO spatial indexes in MongoDB MongoDB has native support for geospatial indexes and extensions to the query language to support a lot of different ways of querying your geo spatial documents. We will touch on a all of the available features of the MongoDB geospatial support point by point as outlined below. Query $near a point with a maximum distance around that point Set the minimum and maximum range for the 2d space letting you map any data to the space GeoNear command lets you return the distance from each point found $within query lets you set a shape for you query letting you use a circle, box or arbitrary polygon, letting you map complex geo queries such as congressional districts or post code zones.